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VIV Aquatics

VIV Spin Outflow

VIV Spin Outflow

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This unique-looking hose has a loop-shaped outlet section that allows water from an external filter to slow down as it exits. As water circulates through the loop, it loses speed and generates very gentle circulation in your tank. This Spin Pipe is ideal for a planted aquarium and can simply be hung on the sides of your aquarium without the need for a suction cup.

Replace the bulky piping of your filter for an elegant and subtle option. Allow yourself to enjoy your aquarium without obstruction!

Diameter: 10mm
Height: 150mm
Flow rate: 10L/min
Aquarium glass thickness: 6 cm

Diameter: 13mm
Height : 150mm
Flow rate: 10L/min
Aquarium glass thickness : 6 cm

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