About Us

At AquaZen, we are passionate about aquariums, we prioritize the health of our aquariums and the aquariums of our customers. Our fish all go through quarantine to ensure that we sell healthy fish.

Besides the health and welfare of our animals and plants, one of our important values is honesty. The AquaZen team is committed to providing you with true information in order to provide you with the best aquarium service while offering you the most competitive prices.


Our team has over 20 years of combined aquarium experience.

Étienne, the saltwater manager, has had aquariums since he was 9 years old and has maintained commercial reef systems for over 8 years. Whether it's fish, invertebrates, soft or hard corals, he can guide you through the maintenance of these animals thanks to his experience.

Tyler, the freshwater manager, is a talented aquascapist with a wealth of knowledge about fish and plants. His talent and experience are proven by the wonderful showtanks in store.

We are always ready to welcome you warmly in our store and help you, guide you and answer your questions about the wonderful hobby that is aquarium keeping.

Let's share our passion!