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VIV Peony Lily Inflow

VIV Peony Lily Inflow

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These Peony pipes create a water flow suitable for fish, such as Bettas and Killifish, who prefer a gentle flow. Depending on the location of the drain pipe, water movement creates surface ripples that provide adequate aeration while reducing the effect of biofilm.

Replace the bulky piping of your filter for an elegant and subtle option. Allow yourself to enjoy your aquarium without obstruction!

Diameter: 13mm
Height: 180mm
Flow rate: 10L/min
Aquarium length: 45 - 60 cm

Diameter: 17mm
Height : 300mm
Flow rate: 10-20L/min
Aquarium length: 60 - 90 cm

Diameter: 20mm
Height: 180mm
Flow rate: 20-30L/min
Aquarium length: 120 - 180 cm

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