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VIV Aquatics

VIV Orchid Inflow Pipe

VIV Orchid Inflow Pipe

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The Orchid glass pipe has a narrower outlet, which provides a slightly downward stream of water for a more moderate water flow. It is suitable for aquariums with fish such as cyprinids (Barbs, Danios, Rasboras) and characins (Hatchfish, Tetras, Pencil fish) which prefer current.

Replace the bulky piping of your filter for an elegant and subtle option. Allow yourself to enjoy your aquarium without obstruction!

Diameter: 13mm
Size of the back: 25 mm
Height: 240mm
Aquarium length: 45 - 60 cm

Diameter: 17mm
Retractable size : 29 mm
Height : 300 mm
Aquarium length: 90 - 120 cm

Diameter: 20mm
Retractable size: 32 mm
Height: 300mm
Aquarium length: 120 - 180 cm

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