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UNS Pro Dual Stage CO2 Regulator

UNS Pro Dual Stage CO2 Regulator

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Pro Two-Stage CO2 Regulator by Ultum Nature Systems
The Ultum Nature Systems Pro Regulator is a professional grade CO2 delivery system for planted aquariums.

Equipped with two gauges! The UNS Pro regulator allows monitoring of outlet pressure and available CO2 levels. This regulator is equipped with a two-stage safety mechanism for additional safety measures, and includes a bubble counter for simple but precise management of CO2 levels. The UNS Pro regulator is designed for use with standard CGA-320 CO2 cylinders.

The UNS Pro Regulator offers a unique bubble counter manifold that allows a single CO2 cylinder to be split and distributed among multiple planted aquariums. Simply add the desired number of UNS Bubble Counter Collector Blocks and enjoy consistent CO2 in multiple aquariums.

The kit includes:

  • UNS Pro Two-Stage CO2 Regulator
  • 2x bubble counter
  • Select tools
  • AC adapter
  • Assortment of additional O-rings
  • Note: Co2 cylinder sold separately or as part of complete kit

This item does not come with the Co2 cylinder as pictured unless purchased as a complete kit.

IMPORTANT : Due to transportation risks and regulations, bottles are NOT filled before shipping. Refilling should be done at your local certified source once received.

Designed specifically for use with the Ultum Nature Systems CO2 Regulator, Dual Stage Pro, this CO2 cylinder is a planted tank enthusiast's essential for supporting a thriving planted aquarium. The UNS CO2 Pro Cylinder offers an on/off valve function eliminating the need for pin valves and accidental tank discharges during installation and setup.

CO2 reserves and depletion rate may vary depending on various external factors such as usage, aquarium plant needs and tank size.

Why CO2 injection is important in a planted tank:
3 main factors contribute to optimal growth of aquatic plants. These factors include nutrients, light and carbon dioxide (CO2). If any of these elements are out of balance, algae growth or plant dieback results. Introducing CO2 into a planted aquarium allows plants to thrive and grow more efficiently, while giving them the ability to outcompete algae for nutrients. No matter what type of planted aquarium setup you have, we recommend CO2 injection for better aquarium plant growth.

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