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UNS Mini Dual Stage CO2 Regulator

UNS Mini Dual Stage CO2 Regulator

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UNS Mini Two-Stage CO2 Regulator

The redesigned UNS Mini CO2 Regulator is now a two-stage regulator with an added safety mechanism to prevent completion of tank emptying. Combined with a new design, this CO2 regulator has a sleek appearance with its new space gray finish and takes up minimal space inside the cabinet!

The package includes:
  • UNS Mini Two-Stage CO2 Regulator
  • Bubble counter
  • Select tools
  • Standard CGA-320 adapter (pre-installed)
  • Paintball adapter
  • AC adapter
  • Assortment of additional O-rings for washers

There are two basic requirements for plants to grow through photosynthesis: nutrients and light.

The most important nutrient for plant growth is carbon. Because carbon dioxide (CO2) is abundant in the atmosphere, plants simply get their carbon directly from CO2 to photosynthesize and grow. In an aquarium, CO2 levels are naturally very low and without any supplementation, submerged aquatic plants will not be able to grow properly. When CO2 is a limiting factor, plants cannot fully utilize all available light for photosynthesis. This can allow algae to grow and compete with plants for nutrients, further stunting plant growth. By introducing CO2 into the aquarium, plants can achieve healthy growth more quickly and thus outcompete algae.

The CO2 regulator is one of the most important aspects of any CO2 system. The pressure in a gas cylinder can exceed 700 psi, which is far too high for safe use in any application. The regulator plays the crucial role of allowing just enough CO2 to safely distribute through the air tube, through the diffuser and into your aquarium.

CGA320 threaded connecting rod adapter included (fits standard US CO2 gas tanks)
Built-in solenoid allows you to turn the CO2 supply on and off during the photoperiod
Compatible with the UNS disposable CO2 cartridge.
The adjustable knob allows you to adjust the working pressure
Comes with a Paintball CO2 adapter and bubble counter included!

IMPORTANT: Due to transportation risks and regulations, bottles are NOT filled before shipping. Refilling should be done at your local certified source once received.
Essential basis for a pressurized CO2 system.
Designed for use with the UNS Mini Two-Stage CO2 Regulator.

The UNS Paintball CO2 Cylinder is an essential component for implementing a pressurized CO2 system in your planted aquarium. Designed to pair with the Ultum Nature Systems Mini Two-Stage CO2 Regulator, this CO2 paintball cylinder offers clean aesthetic and functional performance. The unit features an on/off valve that eliminates the need for pin valves, preventing accidental tank discharges during installation. This feature makes this cylinder a more beginner-friendly option and is a great start for those new to injecting CO2 into planted tanks.

CO2 reserves and depletion rate may vary depending on various external factors such as usage, aquarium plant needs and tank size.

Why CO2 injection is important in a planted tank: 3 main factors contribute to optimal growth of aquatic plants. These factors include nutrients, light and carbon dioxide (CO2). If any of these elements are out of balance, algae growth or plant dieback results. Introducing CO2 into a planted aquarium allows plants to thrive and grow more efficiently, while giving them the ability to outcompete algae for nutrients. No matter what type of planted aquarium setup you have, we recommend CO2 injection for better aquarium plant growth.

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