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Seapora Phos Pad

Seapora Phos Pad

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The Seapora Phos Pad is a dense chemical filter that absorbs phosphate from your aquarium. At high concentrations, phosphate is a major food source for troublesome algae. Phosphate gradually builds up due to overfeeding, lack of regular maintenance and the breakdown of organic matter.

This medium must be used for preventive or therapeutic purposes; not as a cure for consistently high phosphate levels. The Phos Pad does not replace regular aquarium maintenance.

Use a phosphate test kit to regularly monitor your water quality.

Seapora filter pads can be cut and shaped to fit any filtration system, such as: cartridge filters, hanging filters, trickle filters, pond filters, wet/dry filters, filter cartridge frames and any other aquarium or pond filtration system. Ideal for freshwater and marine applications.

25.4W x 45.7H cm. 18" x 10"

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