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Seapora Nitrate + Nitrite Pad

Seapora Nitrate + Nitrite Pad

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The Seapora Nitrate + Nitrite Pad is a dense chemical filter pad that neutralizes toxic nitrates and nitrites in freshwater aquariums. It reduces the possibility of nitrite poisoning and helps reduce fish stress caused by the presence of nitrite. Nitrates can cause kidney, liver and eye problems in fish, as well as appetite suppression.

This medium must be implemented as a preventive or curative measure, and not as a remedy for persistent concentrations of nitrates and nitrites. It is not a viable substitute for regular aquarium maintenance. Use a test kit to regularly check nitrate and nitrite levels.

Seapora filter pads can be cut and shaped to fit any filtration system including: cartridge filters, hanging filters, trickle filters, pond filters, wet/dry filters, filter cartridge frames and any other aquarium or pond filtration system.

18" x 10"

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