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Seapora Ammonia Pad

Seapora Ammonia Pad

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The Seapora Ammonia Pad is a dense chemical filter pad that removes ammonia from your aquarium water; effectively reducing the possibility of ammonia poisoning. Seapora ammonia pads reduce the risk of fish stress and disease while promoting crystal clear water. This media must be implemented on a preventive or curative basis; not as a remedy for persistent ammonia levels.

Use a test kit to regularly check ammonia levels. The Ammonia Pad does not replace regular aquarium maintenance.

Seapora filter pads can be cut and shaped to fit any filtration system, such as: cartridge filters, hanging filters, trickle filters, pond filters, wet/dry filters, filter cartridge frames and any other aquarium or pond filtration system. Ideal for freshwater and marine applications.

25.4W x 45.7H cm. 18" x 10"

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