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Seachem Clarity

Seachem Clarity

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Clarity™ is the ultimate clarifier for freshwater and saltwater. It uses an advanced polymer flocculant that is both reef and plant safe. Clarity™ is the only clarifier on the market that does it all! Clarity™ will eliminate all types of cloudiness.

Many companies make multiple products to remove each type of cloudiness and each different environment (eg freshwater, marine, reef, etc.). Some companies have developed products that will remove most types of cloudiness, but applying them requires two separate bottles of product. Clarity™ contains compounds that will eliminate all types of cloudiness in all environments.

Clarity™ contains both precipitating and flocculating agents in the same bottle, allowing all types of disorders to be eliminated in a single dose.
As you add Clarity™ to the water, you will see a cloudy mist begin to form. This is normal and means that Clarity™ is starting to work. The water is filled with tiny bits of floating matter that were not visible to the naked eye. Clarity™ causes these bits of material to start clumping together. As they clump together, they form larger chunks of matter which are now visible, hence the cloudiness. Once this material has agglomerated, simple mechanical filtration is sufficient to remove the residue. Material that was once too small to be caught in the filter media is now in large enough clumps.

For Clarity™ to work effectively, you must have a mechanical filtration filter (eg filter wire) connected to your aquarium.
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