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Golden Honey Gourami (Colisa chuna)

Golden Honey Gourami (Colisa chuna)

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Golden Honey Gourami Care Guide with Aquarium Size Requirement:

1. Species Overview:

  • The Golden Honey Gourami (Trichogaster chuna), also known as Honey Gourami, is a small, peaceful freshwater fish known for its striking golden-yellow coloration. They are ideal for community tanks due to their calm demeanor.

2. Aquarium Size:

  • A tank of at least 10 gallons is recommended for a small group of Golden Honey Gouramis. A larger tank is preferable if you plan to keep more fish or other species alongside them.
  • These fish do well in a community setup with other peaceful fish.

3. Water Parameters:

  • Maintain water temperature between 72°F and 82°F (22°C to 28°C).
  • Keep the pH between 6.0 and 7.5.
  • Water hardness should be soft to moderately hard, with a range of 4 to 15 dH.

4. Aquarium Setup:

  • Provide plenty of plants and hiding spots with decorations like driftwood and rocks to create a natural habitat.
  • They prefer a well-planted tank with floating plants to diffuse the light.
  • Ensure gentle water flow and a reliable filtration system.

5. Diet:

  • Golden Honey Gouramis are omnivorous and will accept a variety of foods. Offer high-quality flake or pellet food as the staple diet.
  • Supplement their diet with live or frozen foods like brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms to ensure good health and vibrant colors.
  • Feed them small amounts 1-2 times a day.

6. Tank Mates:

  • They are compatible with other small, peaceful fish like tetras, rasboras, and other small gouramis.
  • Avoid aggressive or fin-nipping species that may stress or harm them.

7. Fish Size:

  • Adult Golden Honey Gouramis typically reach a size of 1.5 to 2 inches (3.8 to 5 centimeters) in length.

8. Disease Prevention:

  • Maintain good water quality with regular water changes and proper filtration to prevent diseases.
  • Quarantine new fish before introducing them to the main tank to avoid spreading diseases.
  • Monitor for signs of stress or illness, such as changes in behavior, color loss, or fin damage, and take appropriate action if needed.

By following these care guidelines, you can ensure a healthy and vibrant environment for your Golden Honey Gouramis in your aquarium.

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