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Fauna Marin Color Element Blue Violet

Fauna Marin Color Element Blue Violet

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A unique blend of growth and color activating trace elements, based on a unique, experimentally confirmed recipe that embraces modern artificial sea salt blends. For brilliant blue and purple corals.

This state-of-the-art blend of elements aligns the micronutrient consumption of tropical corals with the environmental lighting conditions generated by LED lighting systems.
It enables stable conditions in the micronutrient budget in coral reef aquariums, and thus significantly increases coral growth rates and coral coloration.
Thanks to the special formulation of the elements, this mixture does not lead to the accumulation of excess toxic trace metals in the aquarium and effectively prevents the growth of unwanted algae.

- Supplements develop active elements and increase calcification rates
- Increases coral tissue growth and coloration of SPS and LPS corals
- Improves the fluorescent effect
- Provides the coral against radiative stress
- Effective concentrate (50% less consumption)

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