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Fauna Marin

Fauna Marin Balling Light Calcium

Fauna Marin Balling Light Calcium

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The purest salts for calcium supplementation with the Balling light system in reef aquariums.

Our salts meet pharmaceutical purity levels and are packaged accordingly. We not only pay attention to the data sheet, but also check the organic and inorganic trace elements as well as the effectiveness of the salts.

With Fauna Marin Balling-Light salts you get the purest specialty salts available for the marine aquarium hobbyist. In our salts we additionally use bioactive stabilizers, pH buffers and special minerals, which significantly increase the stability of chemical parameters in aquariums. Added trace elements remain more stable in solution and are therefore more readily available to corals.

By using our salt mixtures, you provide minerals and trace elements that are missing or available in limited quantities. The addition of bioactive components and the purity of our salts prevent the blackening of corals and increase their growth and the formation of their colors. Fauna Marin Balling salts are unique.
- More effective thanks to high purity salts with the lowest water content
- Mixtures of salts for better stability of important parameters
- Matched with modern sea salts
- stable pH
- supply of bioactive substances for better color development and coral growth

Fauna Marin's Balling Light system is a complete, self-contained system that can be used with all common filter systems. It does not matter whether you use a zeolite system, the usual Berlin system or a natural filter system, e.g. sludge filtration. With the Balling-Light method you supply exactly the substances that are missing in the aquarium.

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