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Eheim Compact Pump ON 600

Eheim Compact Pump ON 600

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compactON aquarium pump - 600
The Eheim compactON aquarium pumps are the successors to the extremely popular Compact and Compact+ series pumps, and are highly versatile, powerful and efficient pumps with a stylish and compact design. These pumps are attached using heavy-duty suction cups, securing them securely to most surfaces they are placed on.

Thanks to their high-quality manufacturing, the versatile Eheim compactON aquarium pumps operate quietly and perform well in both fresh and marine waters, making them the ideal choice for beginners or advanced hobbyists. Eheim compactON pumps include an accessory bag, with additions such as a suction basket and threaded connection for even greater functionality.

The Eheim compactON 600 features an adjustable flow rate of 66 GPH and a maximum head height of 3.28 feet with excellent performance for its low power consumption. The 600 can also be modified for use out of water and uses a ceramic bearing for quiet operation.

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