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Eheim Filter Classic 600 - 2217

Eheim Filter Classic 600 - 2217

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By choosing a classic, you won't go wrong. Because you have chosen reliable equipment that has been proven millions of times. All models meet the highest quality standards. First-class components and carefully matched features guarantee perfect pump and filter performance. Plus, you benefit from EHEIM's proverbial quiet operation, robust durability, and low power consumption. You will be very satisfied. There are 5 models for aquariums from 50 to 1500 liters – with various equipment.

- For aquarium between 180 to 600L
- Pump force: 1000 L/h
- Maximum pump height: 2.3m
- 20 Watt
- Filter volume: 6.6 L
- Filter height: 400 mm
- Filter circumference: 205 mm

2 year warranty with the manufacturer.

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