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Eheim Water Heater Jaeger

Eheim Water Heater Jaeger

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With the adjustable EHEIM precision heater your fish benefit from the exact temperature in every aquarium.

The obvious ideas are often the best. This also applies to aquarium heating. It is simply suspended in the aquarium to heat it. The principle is the same as decades ago. But since then, the EHEIM adjustable heater has become a very modern device that meets the latest technical standards. The temperature is precisely regulated and remains constant. A coat of special laboratory glass increases the heating surface, serves as a heat shield and guarantees even heat emission. Whether you are heating a 20 or 1000 liter aquarium, you can choose from 9 powers.

Advantages of the EHEIM adjustable heater

  • Precise temperature adjustment from 18 to 34°C.
  • Simple and secure adjustment (± 2°C)
  • Setting accuracy ± 0.5°C
  • The temperature remains constant
  • Control light indicating the heating function
  • Completely submersible (waterproof)
  • With protection against running without water (Thermo Safety Control)
  • The glass mantle increases the heating surface and guarantees optimal and even heat distribution
  • Comfortable cable length of 170 cm
  • Double suction cup holder
  • 9 sizes for aquarium from 20 to 1000 liters
  • For freshwater and saltwater aquariums

Precision, comfort, quality and safety,,Made in Germany''

The EHEIM adjustable aquarium heater is the further development of the legendary tube heater.

It is possible to set the temperature precisely between 18 and 34°C and possibly readjust it (±2°). The adjustment accuracy is ± 0.5°C.

The temperature is kept constant. A pilot light indicates operation.

It is absolutely waterproof, fully submersible, has protection against running without water (Thermo Safety Control) and is suitable for fresh and salt water.

One of the most important innovations is the glass mantle:

  • It enlarges the heating surface,
  • Compresses the heat, guarantees an optimal, regular emission of heat and
  • forms a heat screen (contact does not disturb the inhabitants of the aquarium).

The mantle consists of special laboratory glass. This was developed for research. That is why it does not contain harmful substances, which can be released into the water. Chemical and biological substances do not attack it. Cracks that may arise from condensation water are not possible. It is shock resistant. Even extreme temperature variations, such as can occur during water changes, have no effect on this glass.

Size available:

50W: 25 - 60 L (6 - 15 gallons)
100W: 100 - 150 L (25 - 40 gallons)
150W: 200 - 300 L (50 - 80 gallons)
200W: 300 - 400 L (80 - 100 gallons)
300W: 600 - 1000L (160 - 250 gallons)

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