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CO2 Art

CO2Art Pro-Series Precision CO2 Check Valve

CO2Art Pro-Series Precision CO2 Check Valve

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Protect your CO2 equipment with the new CO2Art check valve!

This clever device allows the flow of CO2 in only one direction. Protect the CO2 system from water backflow and damage to expensive CO2 equipment such as regulators and solenoids. This innovative check valve withstands high pressure of +100 psi with an incredibly low opening crack pressure of 1 psi!

The check valve is designed with easy-to-insert connectors for simple in-line installation. This excellent check valve is compatible with all CO2 resistant tubes supplied by CO2Art. Designed for maximum safety and ease of use.

NB: please check that the tube used is a resistant polyurethane tube for aquarium - 4/6 mm as the silicone tube will not hold.
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