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CO2Art Precision Pro-Series Bubble Counter Kit

CO2Art Precision Pro-Series Bubble Counter Kit

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Our new innovative precision bubble counter kit allows you to position the device according to your personal needs!

This useful device allows the user to estimate the amount of CO2 injected into the tank by counting the bubbles in the chamber per minute. This is an absolute must-have for any aquarium with a pressurized CO2 system!

Thanks to the additional adapter, the bubble counter can be installed directly on the regulator or used online. The bubble counter has an M10x1 thread and is compatible with all CO2Art regulators.

For a secure and firm installation, the bubble counter kit contains two high-quality suction cups to position the bubble counter on the outer side of the aquarium glass.

The bubble counter is equipped with an integrated check valve, which prevents water from flowing back into the regulator. Prevent it from getting damaged.

This excellent CO2 accessory is made of high quality anti-corrosion metal, making it durable for years and always looking good.

Using the bubble counter

To properly install the bubble counter, unscrew the cap (top part) and fill the chamber with water only, then secure the cap firmly. Secure the CO2 tube according to the inlet and outlet indication marks with the screw knot.

NB: It is strongly recommended not to fill the bubble counter with other liquids.
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