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CO2 Art

CO2Art CO2 Resistant Aquarium Polyurethane Tubing

CO2Art CO2 Resistant Aquarium Polyurethane Tubing

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Polyurethane tube for CO2 resistant aquarium - 4/6 mm
Choose premium CO2 resistant tubing. Designed by CO2Art for secure connection of the CO2 equipment of your planted aquarium!

This excellent tube stands out for its high quality polyurethane and its resistance to high pressures. Most brands do not use the proper material and as a result the tube becomes brittle and leaks CO2 in a short time.
With proper maintenance, you can enjoy our tubes for up to 30 years of use!

All our tubes are compatible with our CO2Art brand regulators and diffusers and suitable for high pressure applications. Thanks to this accessory, CO2 will not escape and every drop of CO2 will be used efficiently.

NB: To attach our tube to CO2 glassware, immerse the end of the tube in boiling water for 4 seconds. Wet the tip of the glassware, then simply gently push onto the glassware. If you feel resistance, remove and immerse the tube again in the boiling water for a little longer.

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