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Brightwell Frag Recover

Brightwell Frag Recover

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All-natural coral frag soaking for recovery of live coral frags and regeneration of cut coral tissue

Insight :

  • All-natural, herbal dip to speed coral recovery and growth after fragmentation.
  • Helps prevent disease transfer in the aquarium.
  • Reduces coral stress following fragmentation.
  • Stimulates the regrowth of coral tissue needed due to the cutting of fragments.
  • Safe for all varieties of corals, soft, LPS and SPS.
  • Effective prophylactic treatment before adding frags to the aquarium.

Technical background
In recent decades, there has been a dramatic increase in reports of coral disease affecting wild reefs. These same coral diseases can also negatively impact home reef aquarium systems and the corals kept there. Coral diseases can quickly lead to significant losses of coral specimens in the reef aquarium. These diseases can affect a wide range of corals including small polyp stony corals (SPS), large polyp stony corals (LPS) as well as soft corals. Less than optimal water quality, poor lighting, coral warfare, as well as tissue damage from handling and/or injury occurring in the aquarium can lead to sudden outbreaks of coral disease. .

These diseases can have a sudden impact, with sample loss almost overnight, or can progress slowly over time. Ultimately, the presence of coral disease in the reef aquarium will result in the loss of coral specimens. It is critical that disease identification takes place, treatment is implemented, and the root cause of the outbreak is eliminated to prevent further infections and spread to other coral specimens in the aquarium.

Brightwell Aquatics Frag Recover is an all-natural coral bath that will not only treat affected coral, but will also help stimulate the regrowth of lost coral tissue caused by disease infection.

Caution: Before sharding, research the proper sharding procedures for the specific coral specimens to be cut, to ensure optimal success and overall safety. Wear eye protection and rubber gloves, as some marine invertebrates can spray toxic bodily fluids in your face when cut. Fragmentation of corals has become a common practice in the field of marine reef conservation. Fragmentation, as it is commonly called, is simply the act of cutting off a small portion of a parent coral colony and creating additional specimens - frags. This practice allows reef hobbyists to obtain desirable coral specimens at a fraction of the cost or share them with other hobbyists while reducing the impact on natural reef systems. Coral fragmentation is generally a safe process for corals, but still creates some level of stress on both the parent colony and the newly fragmented piece. Exposed areas, at the cut site, are more susceptible to infection and general stress. The regrowth of coral tissue on the newly exposed area is critical to the recovery of coral fragments. Brightwell Aquatics Frag Recover will support the recovery process by helping tissue regrowth on exposed and cut areas of both the parent colony and the frag. It will also limit exposure to infection and/or infestation by coral predators and make the fragmentation process more efficient.

Instructions and guidelines

Shake the product well before use. To prepare Frag Recover Coral Frag Bath Solution, add 20 mL (4 capfuls) of Frag Recover to 1/2 gallon (1.9 L) of aquarium water. Stir the solution to evenly disperse the product. Prepare enough solution to cover the corals. Once the selected coral is cut, place the fragmented piece along with the parent colony in the prepared Frag Recover Soaking Solution for 5 minutes (use a timer). It is recommended to gently force the solution onto the cut areas by (gently) pouring the prepared solution with a turkey baster onto the targeted areas. Once the dive is complete, return the parent colony to the aquarium. The new coral fragment should now be taped or glued to a solid surface to maximize growth potential and avoid turning over. Attach the new coral fragment to the Brightwell Aquatics HexiDiscs (ideal surface for fragment growth) using a reef-safe glue or epoxy as directed. The new coral fragment can now be added to the grow system (assuming conditions are similar to the main tank) or to the main tank itself. It will be common for both the mother colony and the new coral fragment to show reduced polyp extension until they are readjusted to the aquarium. Frag Recover is only intended for use as a dip outside of the aquarium.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If swallowed, contact a poison control center. Do not use on fish or invertebrates intended for human consumption!

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