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Aquatlantis Volga 180 Aquarium - 47.5 gal

Aquatlantis Volga 180 Aquarium - 47.5 gal

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The sleek and sophisticated Aquatlantis Volga 180 Aquarium takes a standard aquarium and elevates it to an artistic display of natural beauty. With a minimalist construction, the aquarium's aluminum profile provides a stunning visual without being ostentatious, keeping the focus on the exotic fish and vibrant plants inside the aquarium. Designed with functionality in mind, aquaculturists will love the convenient removable lid, allowing quick, hassle-free access to the interior for maintenance, cleaning and feeding. The powerful, energy-efficient LED light provides optimal lighting for fish and plants and offers the choice of two independent light channels. Additionally, this exquisite aquarium comes with the BioBox 2, a premium internal filter that helps maintain crystal clear water inside your tank. The BioBox filter is suitable for aquariums from 21 to 52 gallons. The aquarium features a dazzling Vesuvius Gray finish.

Includes: BIOBOX2, EASYBOX cartridges, Easy LED 2.0 lighting

Pump and heater sold separately.
40" x 16" x 20"

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