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Aquatlantis Splendid 150 Aquarium - 59" x 16" x 24"

Aquatlantis Splendid 150 Aquarium - 59" x 16" x 24"

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Well suited to beginner hobbyists or discerning enthusiasts, the eye-catching Aquatlantis Splendid 150 aquarium features a stunning sublimated aluminum profile and a sleek, edgeless, single-frame "unibody". Designed with an artist's touch, this spacious 95-gallon tank features two independent, low-power 72-watt Easy LED 2.0 lighting units enclosed in a protective aluminum housing. Sporting an optimal color temperature of 6,800K and an impressive 120° angle light beam, the unit ensures not only that your tank is properly lit, but that your exotic freshwater plants receive the perfect spectrum to explosive growth and vibrant coloring.

This piece of aquatic art is perfect for freshwater and vegetated ecosystems. The Aquatlantis Splendid 150 aquarium features a matching stand (sold separately) which perfectly complements the aquarium; a combination that quickly becomes the centerpiece of any room. Comes in a beautiful black color.

Understand :
BIOBOX3, EASYBOX cartridges, Easy LED 2.0 lighting
Aquarium dimensions: 58.7" x 39.9" x 24"
Volume: 96 gallons
Lighting system: Easy LED 2.0 = 2x72W
Filter: BioBox 3
Cartridges: Fiber, Coarse foam, Fine foam, Activated carbon, Aquaclay

Pump and heater sold separately. 59" x 16" x 24"

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