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Aquario Neo Flow Premium Kit (Version 2)

Aquario Neo Flow Premium Kit (Version 2)

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Neo Flow is a set of inlets and outlets with a transparent, high elasticity and compact design.

Neo Flow is made of PETG, not glass, and is also stronger than acrylic.
Unlike colored plastics or stainless materials, it has excellent transparency.

Compact design
Neo Flow is a more compact design using the latest manufacturing method than other products.

Easy cleaning
Unlike stainless steel and glass products, the inlet and outlet parts can be separated from the pipe, allowing easier access during cleaning time.

Easy tube cutting
Unlike stainless steel and glass products, Neo Flow can be easily cut with a small saw or pipe cutter! Allows aquascapers to optimally adjust the length of their hoses to fit their tank size.

Change in direction of water flow
Since the outlet parts can rotate 360 ​​degrees in either direction, unlike glass or stainless steel products, you can change the flow of water in your tank in a fraction of a second, without the need to move your pipes or modify your configuration!

Smaller bend radius
Compared to other products, the bend radius is small, so it is installed closer to the glass, making it the most minimalist inlet and outlet pipe on the market!

Small design and transparent material will allow you to enjoy your aquascape without being distracted by ugly pipes!

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