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Aquario Neo Bag Carbon

Aquario Neo Bag Carbon

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Superior adsorption of premium carbon

Excellent adsorption power
The Neo Bag Carbon quickly absorbs various chemical compounds and pollutants, making water transparent and eliminating odors.

Neo bag carbon is the highest quality activated carbon used in food manufacturing processes, not intended for industrial use.

No effect on PH
Most of the time, activated carbon generates a lot of hydroxide in the manufacturing process, which increases the pH of the water, but neo-bag carbon does not affect the pH.
The Neo bag carbon contains little ash, which means there are few substances that cause an increase in PH, such as hydroxide.

Superior internal water flow
Water must circulate well inside the activated carbon to allow the activated carbon to adsorb pollutants not only on the surface of the activated carbon but also inside. If there are only micropores, adsorption takes place mainly on the surface.

When you put Neo bag charcoal into a cup of water, many bubbles will occur in large quantities for a long time, which means the water will flow inside the activated charcoal. In other words, Neo bag carbon is a premium activated carbon with optimal macropores and micropores.

How to use
※ Use 1 bag for 60 liters, but add 1 bag if you want a quick effect.
※ Place in an external filter or hanging filter or in a place where water flows best
※ The slower the water flow around the neobag, the less effective it is.
※ Shake in clean water about 20 times before use.
※ Black water comes out, but this is normal with the ingredients of the black energy ball.
※The energy ball slowly disappears after a month or two.


※ Performance depends on the water flow in the neobag and the degree of contamination of the water in the tank.
※ Use it for aquariums only.
※ Keep away from children and pets.
※The color of the product may change later.

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