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Red Sea

Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon

Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon

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Highly activated carbon for marine and reef aquariums
Red Sea REEF-SPEC™ Carbon is the ultimate choice for marine and reef aquariums due to its unique technical characteristics.

REEF-SPEC Carbon is available in 100g/3.5oz, 250g/9oz, 500g/18oz and 1000g/35oz containers.

The granule size of Red Sea REEF-SPEC Carbon and its micro/macro porous structure guarantee a very high total adsorption capacity and rapid extraction of the specific organic pollutants found in Reef aquariums.

REEF-SPEC Carbon has extremely low phosphate leaching and minimal ash content while not affecting aquarium water pH.

Red Sea REEF-SPEC carbon needs to be replaced less frequently than non-reef specific or lower quality carbons and is an efficient and cost effective solution to providing the best water quality in marine and reef aquariums.
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