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ProClear Pro Star Rimless 90g System - Black

ProClear Pro Star Rimless 90g System - Black

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The Pro Clear Aquatic Systems ProStar 90 Gallon Rimless Aquarium is a premium aquarium that brings a touch of class and modern sophistication to your home or office. Designed for both freshwater and saltwater applications, the unit is incredibly versatile and sports durable, low-iron glass and beveled edges for a cleaner overall appearance and enhanced viewing capabilities. The all-glass sump provides superior filtration and provides ample space for additional equipment such as a skimmer. The ATO (auto-fill) tank is gravity fed, which greatly simplifies the process of keeping your water level consistent, all without having to constantly refill the tank. For an easier customer experience, each unit comes with a pre-cut PVC plumbing assembly for quick and simple installation, so you can enjoy your personalized reef environment in no time!

The well-designed cabinet is made from incredibly lightweight and durable aluminum with stylish, easy-to-maintain glass doors that reduce oil marks and fingerprints. Additionally, the cabinet comes with easily adjustable legs up to 1.75" to ensure you can keep your stand perfectly level. With a classic black color, the Pro Clear Aquatic Systems ProStar Rimless Aquarium combines form and function for a truly remarkable aquatic experience for beginners and experienced enthusiasts. Compatible with pumps with flow rates up to 348 GPH. 36" x 20" x 56"

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