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LRS Reef Frenzy

LRS Reef Frenzy

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Reef Frenzy® contains all the nutrients needed to feed your entire reef aquarium in one 8-ounce package. There are other blended foods on the market, but NONE of them compare to Reef Frenzy® in freshness, cleanliness, purity of ingredients and food response.

LRS Reef Frenzy® Ingredients:

- Freshly caught wild scallop
- Freshly caught wild prawns, shelled by hand
- Fresh wild-caught sea bass and whitefish
- Premium Pool Energetics Mysis Shrimp
- Squid
- Krill Euphausia pacifica
- Fresh shelled oysters and clams
- Zooplankton and rotifers
- Seaweed (Porphyry)
- Blanched Broccoli Flowers (Rich in Vit A&D)
- Oyster eggs and ovarian tissue
- Highly unsaturated fatty acids
- Buffered ascorbic acid added as an antioxidant
- Algae D. salina (beta-carotene to boost pigmentation, immunity)
- LRS Probiotics

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