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LRS Fish Frenzy

LRS Fish Frenzy

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Fish Frenzy® is the base recipe for all LRS feed mixes. Instead of adding coral-specific microfoods contained in our flagship Reef Frenzy® mix, we add fresh worms and fish eggs. Fish Frenzy® is extremely "clean" as an everyday food and comes in a generous 8-ounce package. Like all LRS mixes, we skin each shrimp and fillet each fish before adding it to the mix. These exoskeletons and bones would not be eaten by fish and would likely increase nutrient levels in your aquarium if not removed. LRS takes extra steps to eliminate this waste, unlike many other aquarium food manufacturers.

LRS Fish Frenzy® Ingredients:

-Freshly caught wild scallop
- Freshly caught wild prawns, shelled by hand
- Fresh wild-caught sea bass and whitefish
- Premium Pool Energetics Mysis Shrimp
- Squid
- Krill Euphausia pacifica
- Shelled fresh clams and oysters
- "Live" California black worms added just before freezing
- Locally harvested marine fish roe
- Polychaete worms
- Highly unsaturated fatty acids
- Buffered Ascorbic Acid
- Algae D. salina (beta-carotene for color and boosting immunity)
- LRS probiotics

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