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Instant Ocean

Instant Ocean 200 Gallon Box

Instant Ocean 200 Gallon Box

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Instant Ocean® Sea Salt is the most carefully formulated and universally preferred sea salt in the world. The #1 choice of hobbyists, public aquariums and scientific research facilities, Instant Ocean Sea Salt has set the industry standard for quality, consistency and value for over 50 years.

1. Mix Instant Ocean® with regular dechlorinated tap water or purified water.
NOTE: To prepare small quantities, use 1/2 cup of Instant Ocean for every US gallon of water. Mix as directed.

2. Stir vigorously to ensure thorough mixing. Although Instant Ocean solution can be used immediately, we suggest aerating the water until it reaches oxygen/carbon dioxide balance.
3. Measure specific gravity with an Instant Ocean® hydrometer.

Recommended specific gravity range: 1.020 - 1.024 at 77°F.
NOTE: 1.5 lbs of Instant Ocean is formulated to create 5 gallons of salt water at a specific gravity of 1.022.

4. Adjust the salt level accordingly. If the specific gravity is too low, add more Instant Ocean. If it is too high, add more dechlorinated water.
5. Change 20% of aquarium water every two weeks to maintain optimum water quality.

USE NOTE: NEVER mix salt in an aquarium containing animals.

In new aquariums:
Transfer animals to the aquarium AFTER the salt is completely mixed and aerated and the specific gravity has been adjusted.

Contact in dry form may cause skin or eye irritation.
In case of contact, thoroughly flush skin or eyes
with cool water and seek medical attention.

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