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Fauna Marin

Fauna Marine Resin DI MB 20

Fauna Marine Resin DI MB 20

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Ion Exchange Resin
Mixed cationic/anionic resin for ion exchange collums, e.g. Silicate filter or Aqualight filter.
Always install the filter BEHIND a reverse osmosis system.

Regularly check the conductivity or hardness of the effluent water, if levels increase, the resin should be replaced.
MB 20 regeneration is not economical.

MB 20 is a mixed Cation/Anion resin for the elimination of all remaining ions after reverse osmosis. The water has the highest purity and is absolutely free of silicate.

Due to its unrivaled binding capacity, the MB 20 is a very economical way to achieve the best water quality.

By effectively removing all silicates, the growth of diatoms will be stopped, Planarias and the growth of slime algae and unwanted cyanos will be reduced.
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