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Fauna Marin

Fauna Marin Organic

Fauna Marin Organic

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All the organic nutrients and organically bound trace elements necessary for the growth, coloration and polyp extensions of your corals.

Extra strength for corals – by Organics!

Organic paves the way for a more beautiful reef aquarium by feeding the inhabitants with organic food.

When combined with MinS, your corals receive all the necessary organic nutrients and organically bound trace elements to maximize polyp growth, coloration and extension. Organic contains carefully selected trace elements and essential organic nutrients that provide your coral with the energy and important raw materials needed for constant coral growth. Continuous dosing will result in better polyp extension, stronger coloration and faster coral growth. Boost Your Results Combine with Min S for exceptional results.

The combination of Organic and Min S provides your corals with essential organic nutrients and organically bound nutrients to maximize polyp growth, color and extension.

Organic is suitable for all corals, anemones and filter feeders in the aquarium.

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