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Fauna Marin

Fauna Marin Coral Balance

Fauna Marin Coral Balance

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Marine biopolymers in active form for nutrient regulation and stabilization in reef aquariums. Coral Balance: nutrition, detoxification, regulation.

Coral Balance is a modern nutrient regulator and metabolism accelerator, specially developed to reactivate and stabilize the natural nutrient cycle and acid regulation in reef aquariums. In particular, the otherwise difficult to control phosphate degradation is accelerated and stabilized at a low level.
Thanks to the natural power of active marine biopolymers, excellent results can be observed even after small doses.

Coral Balance is a coral food, nutrient carrier and water purifier all in one. Due to its unique composition, it works very quickly and effectively, accelerating nutrient discharge through faster coral growth and biodegradation.
After adding Coral Balance, the corals form a natural protective film, stronger colors and a natural shine.
Coral Balance supplies your corals with dissolved and particulate food matter, and transports important nutrients and minerals directly into the coral.
By adding natural biopolymers and marine organic raw materials, the water is enriched and the acid
regulation is supported and therefore also supports typical issues.

Coral balance:
- Massively increases coral growth rates
- Quickly improves coloring
- Visible increase in polyp extension and staining
- Reduces PO4 concentration permanently
- Stabilizes acid-base regulation in reef aquariums
- Increases the natural resilience of corals
- Effective food for corals that does not lead to nutrient enrichment
- Helps keep water crystal clear
- Reduces unwanted trace elements and detoxifies aquarium water
- Removes unwanted biofilms and reduces yellowing
- Increases skimmer efficiency and reduces nutrient deposits in the tank

Dosage recommendation:

Standard dosage

1 measuring spoon for 100 L every 4 days
Please mix Coral Balance with aquarium water and add the suspension to a high flow area to facilitate rapid dispensing.
For aquariums over 2 years old or with PO4 levels above 0.15 ppm, we recommend a 50% reduction.

When using Coral Balance in combination with Reef Vitality, please halve the dosage of both products.


Marine organic polymers, mineral carriers, inorganic auxiliary substances, trace elements

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