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Brightwell NeoNitro

Brightwell NeoNitro

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Balanced nitrate source for low-nitrogen, low-nutrient reef aquariums

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  • Used in conjunction with MICROBACTER7 and REEF BIOFUEL or KATALYST, allows the natural absorption of phosphorus to take place in systems with insufficient nitrogen content, lowering the phosphate concentration without using chemical filtration media and without resorting to pollution of the system with organic materials to increase the nitrogen content.
  • Recommended for use by advanced reef aquarists maintaining ultra-low nutrient content systems, only.
  • Can be used with MICROBACTER7 (selected microbes and enzymes), REEF BIOFUEL and/or KATALYST (organic carbon source), and NEOPHOS (phosphorus source) to achieve desired nutrient content in reef aquariums for improved health and coloration inhabitants.
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