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Brightwell AngelLixir

Brightwell AngelLixir

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Free-form amino acid food dip for spongivorous marine fish.


  • Free-form amino acid complex in the same proportions found in sponge tissue.
  • Uses natural attractants and marine proteins to improve feed response and increase the protein percentage of fish feed, respectively.
  • Beneficial to all fish whose diet is largely composed of sponges, including angelfish, butterflyfish, Moorish idols and their respective allies.
  • Amino acids in free form:
  1. Encourage vibrant coloring.
  2. Provide the building blocks of proteins to support the formation of new tissues
  3. Encourage the growth of new tissue to aid in the recovery of injuries sustained during aggression encountered with other fish or during spawning times.
  • Formulated based on spongy tissue analysis and marine fish culture.
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